KJV Dictionary Definition: imposable


IMPOSABLE, a. That may be imposed or laid on.


IMPO'SE, v.t. s as z. L. impositum, from impono; in and pono, to put. Pono, as written, belongs to Class Bn; and posui, positum, to Class Bs. or Bd. The latter coincide with Eng.put.

1. To lay on; to set on; to lay on, as a burden, tax, toll, duty or penalty. The legislature imposes taxes for the support of government; toll is imposed on passengers to maintain roads, and penalties are imposed on those who violate the laws. God imposes no burdens on men which they are unable to bear.

On impious realms and barb'rous kings impose

Thy plagues--

2. To place over by authority or by force.

The Romans often imposed rapacious governors on their colonies and conquered countries.

3. To lay on, as a command; to enjoin, as a duty.

Thou on the deep imposest nobler laws.

Impose but your commands--

4. To fix on; to impute. Little used.

5. To lay on, as hands in the ceremony of ordination, or of confirmation.

6. To obtrude fallaciously.

Our poet thinks not fit

T' impose upon you what he writes for wit.

7. Among printers, to put the pages on the stone and fit on the chase, and thus prepare the form for the press.

To impose on, to deceive; to mislead by a trick or false pretense; vulgarly, to put upon. We are liable to be imposed on by others,and sometimes we impose on ourselves.

IMPO'SE, n. s as z. Command; injunction. Not used.


IMPO'SED, pp. Laid on, as a tax,burden, duty or penalty; enjoined.

Imposes on, deceived.


IMPO'SER, n. One who lays on; one who enjoins.

--The imposers of these oaths might repent.


IMPO'SING, ppr. Laying on; enjoining; deceiving.

1. Commanding; adapted to impress forcibly; as an imposing air or matter.

--Large and imposing edifices, embosomed in the groves of some rich valley.