Where does God say the book of Esther is perfect Scripture?

Not to spoil the ending too badly for you, but: nowhere.

Let me back up a bit.

There are a class of questions one hears when discussing the Bible version issue that I call “stumpers.” I use the word derisively, because of course, none of these questions are really stumpers at all. These are questions usually asked as if they end the debate and are rarely posed by someone interested in an honest answer or examination of the question.

Here is a good one:

Where in the Bible does God say the KJV is perfect?

To the uninitiated, maybe this seems like a logical question that any King James Bible proponent must be expected to answer and defend, right? If somebody is telling you the King James Bible is pure, you can just ask this simple question, to which he has no answer, so you can just mosey right along and give the issue of Bible versions nary another thought.

I was informed a moment ago, by someone refusing to answer the very real problems that deleting verses from the Bible represent, that this is “the most important question.”

For a moment, let’s focus on two things we can all agree came long before the King James Bible was translated, or before even Tyndale set out to make ploughboys know more of the Scriptures than the Pope. Before we got there:

  • 66 books were written and eventually were adopted as the standard Christian scriptural canon.
  • Perfect divine authorship of these books was assumed — we have the general ideas of infallibility and inerrancy because of this.
    • Yet, few if any of these books have clear claims of perfection, and some of these books even include claims of personal opinion, like 2Co 8:8 could imply.

So, in the spirit of the question “Where does God say the KJV is perfect:”

  • Can somebody show me which verse in the Bible says the book of Jude is Scripture? Or the other 65 books?
  • Can somebody show me where these books are each called out as “perfect?”
  • Try to do so without begging the question. Citing a verse that says God’s word is pure (Ps 119:140; Pr 30:5) only returns us to the first question.

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe the 66 book canon is correct. I believe all of the text from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 are God’s pure, perfect word. I even take the “extreme” position that God’s hand was in the division of that text into its 31,102 verses of 1,189 chapters, but I digress.

Here is what I am getting at: Can the same guy who demands a Bible verse to state that the King James Bible is perfect show a Bible verse that says the 66 book canon is correct?

No, of course, he cannot. There are no such verses. Period. They do not exist.

But here’s where it gets fun: the same guy will not ask (or answer) these questions:

What verse of the Bible says only the originals are inspired, infallible, and inerrant?

Where does God say that he permits competing, conflicting “versions” in English that are all to be considered equally “the Bible” and chosen based on personal preference?

Where does God say that his word can only be perfect in Greek or Hebrew? Or that it is only to be preserved in those two languages?

Nowhere, of course.

You see, the minister of questions who asks “where does God say the KJV is perfect?” is not consistent in his own thoughts. He is double minded, and we know what that means (well, Bible readers do. James 1:8). He doesn’t care to find a Biblical basis for his ideas that “only the originals are inspired.” He isn’t interested too much in finding a “God-breathed” list of the contents of the Bible so he can know for sure that 2nd Sam 1:18 is supposed to be in the Bible but the book of Jasher that it mentions is not. He doesn’t much care that there are no verses that say God doesn’t involve himself in translations of his word, even though he strongly believes that any translation of the Bible is merely the work of sinful man.

There are, in fact, many verses and precepts in the Bible that address all these issues, and all quite to the contrary of the opinions of the modern versionist. This website is full of such discussions and answers, of course.

Now here is the crux of the matter:

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Start with faith, because without it, your questions are pointless.

And then go here:

Proverbs 30:5 Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.

Once you come to the point of faith where you recognize that the book you hold really is God’s word, and therefor must be pure, you don’t need much help “making the leap” calling your Bible perfect. And if you can’t muster the faith to call your Bible PERFECT, maybe you have the wrong one. Nobody calls the ESV or NIV perfect, and for good reason!

Now I already know what many of the “no perfect Bible” proponents will say: “King James Onlysim is man-made doctrine,” or “you aren’t answering the question,” etc., etc. All of the things I point out in this post go right over the heads of people who adamantly refuse to begin from a position of faith on the topic.

You aren’t going to find “a verse” that says “the King James Bible is the Bible in English” because it’s right next to the verse that says which 66 books are supposed to be in the Bible.

And Esther. Where does God say the book of Esther is perfect, let alone part of the Bible? It doesn’t even directly mention God anywhere.

Once you can honestly answer that question, maybe you will be able to handle the really hard ones.

38 thoughts on “Where does God say the book of Esther is perfect Scripture?”

      1. Interesting that the question regarding book of Esther, and purity of KJV are presented together here. I also find it interesting that in the book of Esther, both in Chapter 3 and Chapter 8, scribes were appointed by the king to write the commands of Haman, to every province, to the rulers of every people according to the writing thereof, to every people in there own language. it was written in the name of the king, sealed with his ring, and sent to all the kings provinces. In chapter 8, again the king had his commands written and sealed with his ring, that no man may reverse. It was sent throughout the provinces from India to Ethiopia,an 127 provinces, according to the writing thereof, unto every people in their own language.
        The copy of the writing for a commandment to be given in every province was published unto all people.
        The book of Esther continuously proclaims the decrees and commandments of the king were sent and received in all the languages,….. with words of peace and truth.
        Seems book of Esther proves the sealed words of a king can be translated with “peace and truth”.

    1. There still are those who follow the KJV, but the “church” is the people not a building. The ministers go out exactly like Jesus sent them out; without home or natural possessions. If you are interested I can direct you to someone no matter where you are. We are a “family” and therefore know people in every part of the USA as well as other countries.

      1. I have long since ‘come out of her’ … I am interested in the ‘family’ you speak of.. would appreciate any info you have.. thank you.

    2. What then? Well.. we were NEVER commanded or even SUGGESTED to ‘Go” to a church.. What we WERE and ARE commanded is to BE the church.. we are also COMMANDED to “COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE”… Time to WAKE UP and BE the church.. SEVEN days a week.. God does not need OR want your false temple with the billboard out front and the collection plate inside.. Yes I know the verses about ‘assembling’ together.. and we SHOULD and are COMMANDED to do so.. just not in any false shrine that costs millions and sits empty 6 days per week…

      1. Amen…
        Yet Christ went to the Temple to hear and to preach.
        The one thing He did was to teach truth when it wasn’t being taught.
        If Christ did this, then by His example shall we follow. If the truth is not being taught, teach it. Start your own group. The Church of GOD has no walls. Tithing is the tenth of the earnings and shall be reserved for the StoreHouse that there is meat on every table and not to pay for million dollar buildings of which Christ says He will destroy on His return. What is built by man’s hands will be torn down. Christ did His best teaching a preaching in the highways and the byways.

    3. Then one needs to be started, or a preponderance of congregation can start a petition to preach the KJV. I have the same problem. The pastor preaches out of the NASB and I teach Bible Study out of the KJV. The key of course is a preponderance, most of them are apathetic toward what bible they carry or are brainwashed by their friends and pastor.

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I spent this past summer trying to figure out where God’s perfect word is, and on 9/4/2017 I finally concluded that it is the King James Bible. The timing of this article’s release date is no coincidence; I first read it two days after I was convinced. This website helped me tremendously, so thank you. God bless!

  2. You might consider the book of Isaiah and its 66 chapters where chapter 40 corresponding to the book of Matt has the prophesy of John the Baptist and the beginning of the proclamation of the NT. This illustrates that the Bible has 66 books, 39 OT 27 New. So called “scholars” find that there is such a difference in style between the first 39 and the next 27 that they claim two different authors. You might also consider the length God chose to complete the OT compared to the the Length of time to the KJV. 1600 years falls within the margin of error. I have faith, but it is faith in the evidence God gave us and there is enough of that so my faith is not blind faith.

  3. Right on. I have since jion the so-called King James Onlysm after looking at all this argument and see what really make sense. After looking at this argument from all the angles i have made my choice to cling to one bible, the King James.

  4. MY pastor and his wife use all these other versions with the idea of “if its easy to ready then its easy to understand”. I humbly seat there with my King James without rebellion but in my heart i know My King James is my Bible forever.

      1. But when? Fifth grade in 2018, 1900, 1800? I am sorry, but it is unrealistic to expect a fifth-grader in 2018 to understand the language of 1611. I agree, it has fewer syllables per word and so on, but the words used are not today’s words. This does not mean that children cannot learn – they can and they should. But simply assessing reading level does nothing when one considers comprehension.

          1. Mine all did as well. In fact, children in Christian schools all over the world read, memorize and quote Scripture from the King James Bible by chapters! And they DO understand what they are reading!

        1. I grew up hearing the kjv preached in canada by a pastor with a very heavy scottish accent…….from birth. It is the best and most poetic and I love it. God has blessed it. I got my own when I was 11, just before I became a christian. Never undetestimate how the Lord can teach a young child. Its best to give them something more “challenging” from an early age.

        2. The KJV was completed at a time when the English language was at her zenith. It’s been all down hill since. There are only about 400 words in the King James which might cause a person to pause, which a good English dictionary will clear up. And if you are born again, the Holy Ghost will lead and guide and teach and inspire. Can you trust God to teach your children with His Word or no?

          Speaking linguistically, historically, theologically, Biblically, using Seminary training including Greek and Hebrew, and well over 30 years of personal salvation and study, I can say with complete peace and assurance that when I hold the King James I am holding God’s Word preserved for me in English.

        3. No matter a child nor an adult, without the holy Spirit you will be spiritually blind. One therefore must be born again. John 3:16

  5. There are a very many verses that show the King James Bible is correct and pure. Of course, if your looking for the words “King James Bible” that is what you won’t find. The truth is you have to accept that the authority of God is in the last king to authorize a translation, that being King James the First. Many more issues can be found in scripture to prove this is the only True word of God, etc.

  6. Hey, could you maybe do an article about the chapter and verse divisions being put there by God? I think I almost agree, but I’m still not sure (Genesis 23:17-18 confuses me). Thanks! Great post though, I 100% wholeheartedly agree. =)

    1. The verse markings are to aid in finding things and help in memorization. It must be remember that they have no grammatical use. That is they do not effect any meaning of the Scriptures. It is a misstake and cause of some errors to study and put meaning to a verse and not maintain the proper sentence structure. The smallest unit of grammar that has definite meaning is the sentence and the Bible should be studied sentence by sentence. (The Bible has sentences with over 200 words in them.) Study to show thyself approved, basic grammar is one of those things that must be studied to rightly divide and understanding the Bible.

      1. I find it fascinating that the witness of the Holy Ghost over such a long period of time as to the veracity of the verse divisions can be so easily discarded by someone when it gets in the way of private doctrine. By the way, there are no sentence “divisions” in the original Greek either. If what you believe is true, then be consistent. Try to study your Bible while ignoring the sentences. What a mess that would be.

  7. I love the KJV and use it exclusively. But it would be nice for more KJV churches actually preached it LINE BY LINE VERSE BY VERSE BOOK BY BOOK instead of letting non-KJV churches and preachers like John MacArthur do it! Enough with these endless topical messages. Preach the whole counsel of God!

      1. That’s DeLand, Florida brother. I’m a member of THE BIBLE Baptist Church of DeLand. Our Bro. James is a staunch advocate of the Authorized Version. One of the courses he teaches at our DeLand School of the Bible is titled: History and Preservation of the Holy Bible (With Emphasis on KJV Issues). It is one of two courses required for graduation (the other being The Gospel of John).

  8. Yes, I agree with everyone else who uses the kjv bible. My Pastor uses it also so do I in my teaching and preaching it’s a blessing to hear about others who feels the same kjv bible all the way

  9. I read the NASB for 20 years, having been influenced by the “oldest besticus” arguments of the scholars union. For the past 5 years I’ve exclusively read the KJB and consider myself a KJB Bible Believer. While we don’t see God named in Esther, we do see evidence of His inspiration. As my 12 year old daughter pointed out, after reading Esther on her own, that the private thoughts of Haman’s heart are revealed in EST 6:6-

    “ So Haman came in. And the king said unto him, What shall be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour? Now Haman thought in his heart, To whom would the king delight to do honour more than to myself?”

    1. EXCELLENT point brother! Ha! Your daughter is sharp as a tack. I have taught Esther verse by verse 3-4 times to my adult S.S. class. I have never caught that!
      I’m going to use that next time I go through Esther. It is an AWESOME book, and one of my favorites. Better plot, and irony, and twists in the story than Hollywood can come up with without ripping off ideas from the bible.
      Love it!

  10. The attack on the KJV are proof that it is the Truth.. the Psalm 12:6 perfectly promised and fulfilled ‘version’ of God’s word..

  11. Remember Jesus spoke with authority AV1611,not like the scribes!,remember scripture speaks about King Jacob,which is the same as King James and the plural and singular pronouns are a must have to correctly translate scripture(ye,thee).The nkjv is in error by changing those (ye you your thee thy thou thine )7!plus England is the standard for time tempature,location and truth the Bible

  12. I had a lady who has a number of versions of the Bible and yet uses the TLSB citing that the English scholars knew nothing of the old languages.
    I’m not sure where she got the idea the English scholars knew nothing of Hebrew culture etc? Trying to put the ball back in her court I asked where the pure Bible is.

    Perhaps a reality check first, then some question.
    KJV = 790,915 words
    NIV = 726,109 words (NB generally applies to all modern versions but the nkjv.)
    Thats almost 10 percent (9.2%) of words missing.
    How does that square with Jesus promise “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away”? (Mt 24:35, Lk 16:17, Mrk 13:31).

    English is the only language in the world that is suffered with over 450 translations, each given their own derivative copywrite (25% original works). Having now deleted almost 10 percent of the Bible, how can we trust any of them?

    She said that Hebrew and Greek should be our final authority: Who’s Hebrew? Who’s Greek?
    Browns and Drivers?
    William Lane?
    Henry Thayer?
    Eugene Nida?

    Which one? and how can we know only that is authoritative? Why so many derivative copy-written Lexicons (above is just a sample of Lexicon authors in my own Pastors library, there are many more) if we just need to go to “The Greek” or “The Hebrew”? Which and why that one?

    If its a mixture of them, then we simply don’t have a single Bible in the world we can trust or rely on.

    The Most important question.

    Did God promise to preserve his words? Each of the ones he perfectly inspired i.e. Pure words? Did he promise to preserve them?

    If he did not, no argument from me. There is no Bible.

    If he did, where is it?

    1. He absolutely DID promise to preserve His Word!
      Jesus said that “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but MY WORDS SHALL NOT PASS AWAY.” in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark & Luke.

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