KJV Dictionary Definition: impossibility


IMPOSSIBIL'ITY, n. from impossible.

1. That which cannot be; the state of being not possible to exist. That a thing should be and not be at the same time, is an impossibility.

2. Impracticability; the state or quality of being not feasible or possible to be done. That a man by his own strength should lift a ship of the line, is to him an impossibility, as the means are inadequate to the end. See Impossible.


IMPOSS'IBLE, a. L. impossibilis; in and possibilis, from possum, to be able.

1. That cannot be. It is impossible that two and two should make five, or that a circle and a square make five, or that a circle and a square should be the same thing, or that a thing should be, and not be at the same time.

2. Impracticable; not feasible; that cannot be done.

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Matt.19.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Heb.11.

There are two kinds of impossibilities; physical and moral. That is a physical impossibility, which is contrary to the law of nature. A thing is said to be morally impossible, when in itself it is possible,but attended with difficulties or circumstances which give it the appearance of being impossible. See Possible, Practicable and Impracticable.