Bible Versions F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions and their brief answers,
and answers to specific criticisms of verses in the KJV.

Various questions and brief answers

What follows is a list of some of the most common questions regarding the KJV (AV1611) and Bible version subject, linked to short responses. I am thankful to Brother Sam Gipp, who has granted permission for the inclusion of portions of his book, The Answer Book. His text is credited where quoted.

Answers to criticisms of specific verses in the KJV

It would be an exercise in futility to attempt to catalog and keep up with every "correction" or complaint offered against the King James Bible. It is rare to find a modern preacher who refrains from offering his own personal translation of a particular word or phrase in the Bible where they do not seek to throw a whole passage out altogether. Private interpretations (in both doctrine and translation) run rampant in even fundamentalist circles because there is no respect for The Book as Final Authority. Since modern Christians have been taught that the Bible is either fallible or impossible to accurately translate, any preacher with a Greek lexicon feels free to twist or wrest a verse to get across his point, and since those listening to him have no final authority to check him against, he is left unchallenged and God's word is put in subjection to his credentials.

Though we cannot examine every claim ever made, we can address some of the most common charges against the KJV New Testament leveled by the majority of modern Greek scholars. The discerning reader will detect a pattern as he finds that the claims of the critics may initially sound impressive, but are in actuality shallow and ignorant.

(Many thanks to Dr. Thomas Holland for granting permission to include excerpts from his book Crowned With Glory here.)