KJV Dictionary Definition: importunate


IMPORT'UNATE, a. L. importunus. See Importune.

1. Bearing on; pressing or urging in request or demand; urgent and pertinacious in solicitation; as an importunate suitor or petitioner.

2. Pressing; urgent; as an importunate demand.

3. Inciting urgently for gratification; as importunate passions and appetites.


IMPORT'UNATELY, adv. With urgent request; with pressing solicitation.


IMPORT'UNATENESS, n. Urgent and pressing solicitation.


IMPORT'UNATOR, n. One that importunes. Not in use.


IMPORTU'NE, v.t. L. importunus; in and porto, to bear on.

To request with urgency; to press with solicitation; to urge with frequent or unceasing application.

Their ministers and residents here have perpetually importuned the court with unreasonable demands.

IMPORTU'NE, a. L. importunus. Formerly accented on the second syllable.

1. Pressing in request; urgent; troublesome by frequent demands; vexatious; unreasonable.

2. Unseasonable.

This word is obsolete; being superseded by importunate, unless perhaps in poetry.


IMPORTU'NELY, adv. With urgent solicitation; incessantly; continually; troublesomely.

1. Unseasonably; improperly.


IMPORTU'NITY, n. L. importunitas.

Pressing solicitation; urgent request; application for a claim or favor,which is urged with troublesome frequency or pertinacity. Men are sometimes overcome by the importunity of their wives or children.