KJV Dictionary Definition: view


VIEW, v.t. vu. L. videre. The primary sense is to reach or extend to.

1. To survey; to examine with the eye; to look on with attention, or for the purpose of examining; to inspect; to explore. View differs from look, see, and behold, in expressing more particular or continued attention to the thing which is the object of sight. We ascended mount Holyoke, and viewed the charming landscape below. We viewed with delight the rich valleys of the Connecticut about the town of Northhampton.

Go up and view the country. Josh. 7.

I viewed the walls of Jerusalem. Neh. 7.

2. To see; to perceive by the eye.

3. To survey intellectually; to examine with the mental eye; to consider. View the subject in all its aspects.

VIEW, n. vu.

1. Prospect; sight; reach of the eye.

The walls of Pluto's palace are in view.

2. The whole extent seen. Vast or extensive views present themselves to the eye.

3. Sight; power of seeing, or limit of sight.

The mountain was not within our view.

4. Intellectual or mental sight. These things give us a just view of the designs of providence.

5. Act of seeing. The facts mentioned were verified by actual view.

6. Slight; eye.

Objects near our view are thought greater than those of larger size, that are more remote.

7. Survey; inspection; examination by the eye. The assessors took a view of the premises.

Surveying nature with too nice a view.

8. Intellectual survey; mental examination.

On a just view of all the arguments in the case, the law appears to be clear.

9. Appearance; show.

10. Display; exhibition to the sight or mind.

To give a right view of this mistaken part of liberty. -

11. Prospect of interest.

No man sets himself about any thing, but upon some view or other, which serves him for a reason.

12. Intention; purpose; design. With that view he began the expedition. With a view to commerce, he passed through Egypt.

13. Opinion; manner of seeing or understanding. These are my views of the policy which ought to be pursued.

View of frankpledge, in law, a court of record, held in a hundred, lordship or manor, before the stewart of the leet.

Point of view, the direction in which a thing is seen.


VIEWED, pp. vu'ed. Surveyed; examined by the eye; inspected; considered.


VIEWING, ppr. vu'ing. Surveying; examining by the eye or by the mind; inspecting; exploring.

VIEWING, n. vu'ing. The act of beholding or surveying.