KJV Dictionary Definition: victual


VICTUAL. See Victuals.


VICTUALED, pp. vit'ld. Supplied with provisions.


VICTUALER, n. vit'ler.

1. One who furnishes provisions.

2. One who keeps a house of entertainment.

3. A provision-ship; a ship employed to carry provisions for other ships, or for supplying troops at a distance.


VICTUALING, ppr. vit'ling. Supplying with provisions.


VICTUALS, n. vit'lz. L. victus, food, from the root of vivo, which was vigo or vico, coinciding with vigeo. Basque, vicia life. This word is now never used in the singular.

Food for human beings, prepared for eating; that which supports human life; provisions; meat; sustenance. We never apply this word to that on which beasts or birds feed, and we apply it chiefly to food for men when cooked or prepared for the table. We do not now give this name to flesh, corn or flour, in a crude state; but we say, the victuals are well cooked or dressed, and in great abundance. We say, a man eats his victuals with a good relish.

Such phrases as to buy victuals for the army or navy, to lay in victuals for the winter, &c. are now obsolete. We say, to buy provisions; yet we use the verb, to victual an army or ship.