KJV Dictionary Definition: verifiable


VER'IFIABLE, a. from verify. That may be verified; that may be proved or confirmed by incontestable evidence.


VER'IFIED, pp. Proved; confirmed by competent evidence.


VER'IFIER, n. One that proves or makes appear to be true.


VER'IFY, v.t. L. verus, true, and facio, to make.

1. To prove to be true; to confirm.

This is verified by a number of examples.

2. To fulfill, as a promise; to confirm the truth of a prediction; to show to be true. The predictions of this venerable patriot have been verified. Gen. 42. 1Kings 8.

3. To confirm or establish the authenticity of any thing by examination or competent evidence. The first act of the house of representatives is to verify their powers, by exhibiting their credentials to a committee of the house, or other proper authority.


VER'IFYING, ppr. Proving to be true; confirming; establishing as authentic.