KJV Dictionary Definition: ship


SHIP, as a termination, denotes state or office; as in lordship.

SHIP. See Shape.

SHIP, n. L. scapha; from the root of shape. In a general sense, a vessel or building of a peculiar structure, adapted to navigation, or floating on water by means of sails. In an appropriate sense, a building of a structure or form fitted for navigation, furnished with a bowsprit and three masts, a main-mast, a fore-mast and a mizen-mast, each of which is composed a lower-mast, a top-mast and top-gallant-mast, and square rigged. Ships are of various sizes and are for various uses; most of them however fall under the denomination of ships of war and merchant's ships.

SHIP, v.t.

1. To put on board of a ship or vessel of any kind; as, to ship goods at Liverpoll for New York.

2. To transport in a ship; to convey by water.

The sun shall no sooner the mountains touch,

But we will ship him hence. Shak.

3. To receive into a ship or vessel; as, to ship at sea.


SHIP'PED, pp. Put on board of a ship or vessel; received on board.



1. Putting on board of a ship or vessel; receiving on board.

2. a. Relating to ships; as shipping concerns.

SHIP'PING, n. Ships in general; ships or vessels of any kind for navigation. The shipping of the English nation exceeds that of any other. The tunnage of shipping belonging to the United States is second only to that of Great Britain.