KJV Dictionary Definition: shine


SHINE, v.i. If s is a prefix, this word accords with the root of L. canus, caneo.

1. To emit rays of light; to give light; to beam with steady radiance; to exhibit lightness or splendor; as, the sun shines by day; the moon shines by night. Shining differs from sparkling, glistening, glittering, as it usually implies a steady radiation or emission of light, whereas the latter words usually imply irregular or interrupted radiation. This distinction is not always not always observed, and we may say, the fixed stars shine, as well as they sparkle. But we never say the sun or the moon sparkles.

2. To be bright; to be lively and animated; to be brilliant.

Let thine eyes shine forth in their full luster. Denham.

3. To be unclouded; as, the moon shines.


SHI'NING, ppr.

1. Emitting light; beaming; gleaming.

2. a. Bright; splendid; radiant.

3. Illustrious; distinguished; conspicuous; as a shining example of charity.

SHI'NING, n. Effusion or clearness of light; brightness.