KJV Dictionary Definition: rich


RICH, a. L. rego, regnum, Eng. reach, region, from extending.

1. Wealthy; opulent; possessing a large portion of land, goods or money, or a larger portion than is common to other men or to men of like rank. A farmer may be rich with property which would not make a nobleman rich. An annual income of 500 sterling pounds would make a rich vicar, but not a rich bishop. Men more willingly acknowledge others to be richer, than to be wiser than themselves.

Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold.

Genesis 13.

2. Splendid; costly; valuable; precious; sumptuous; as a rich dress; a rich border; a rich silk; rich furniture; a rich present.

3. Abundant in materials; yielding great quantities of any thing valuable; as a rich mine; rich ore.

4. Abounding in valuable ingredients or qualities; as a rich odor or flavor; rich spices.

So we say, a rich description; a discourse rich in ideas.

5. Full of valuable achievements or works.

Each minute shall be rich in some great action.

6. Fertile; fruitful; capable of producing large crops or quantities; as a rich soil; rich land; rich mold.

7. Abundant; large; as a rich crop.

8. Abundant; affording abundance; plentiful.

The gorgeous East with richest hand pours on her sons barbaric pearl and gold.

9. Full of beautiful scenery; as a rich landscape; a rich prospect.

10. Abounding with elegant colors; as a rich picture.

11. Plentifully stocked; as pastures rich in flocks.

12. Strong; vivid; perfect; as a rich color.

13. Having something precious; as a grove of rich trees.

14. Abounding with nutritious qualities; as a rich diet.

15. Highly seasoned; as rich paste; a rich dish of food.

16. Abounding with a variety of delicious food; as a rich table or entertainment.

17. Containing abundance beyond wants; as a rich treasury.

18. In music, full of sweet or harmonious sounds.

19. In Scripture, abounding; highly endowed with spiritual gifts; as rich in faith. James 2.

20. Placing confidence in outward prosperity. Matt. 19.

21. Self-righteous; abounding, in one's own opinion, with spiritual graces. Rev. 3.

Rich in mercy, spoken of God, full of mercy, and ready to bestow good things on sinful men. Eph 2. Rom. 10.

The rich, used as a noun, denotes a rich man or person, or more frequently in the plural, rich men or persons.

The rich hath many friends. Prov. 14.

RICH, v.t. To enrich. Not used. See Enrich.


RICH'ED, pp. Enriched. Not used.


RICH'ES, n. This is in the singular number in fact, but treated as the plural.

1. Wealth; opulence; affluence; possessions of land, good or money in abundance.

Riches do not consist in having more gold and silver, but in having more in proportion than our neighbors.

2. Splendid sumptuous appearance.

The riches of heav'n's pavement, trodden gold.

3. In Scripture, an abundance of spiritual blessings.

Luke 16.

The riches of God, his fullness of wisdom, power, mercy, grace and glory, Eph. 1, 2; or the abundance supplied by his works. Ps. 104.

The riches of Christ, his abundant fullness of spiritual and eternal blessings for men. Eph. 3.

The riches of a state or kingdom, consist less in a full treasury than in the productiveness of its soil and manufactures, and in the industry of its inhabitants.



1. Opulence; wealth.

2. Finery; splendor.

3. Fertility; fecundity; fruitfulness; the qualities which render productive; as the richness of a oil.

4. Fullness; abundance; as the richness of a treasury.

5. Quality of abounding with something valuable; as the richness of a mine or an ore; the richness of milk or of cane-juice.

6. Abundance of any ingredient or quality; as the richness of spices or of fragrance.

7. Abundance of beautiful scenery; as the richness of a landscape or prospect.

8. Abundance of nutritious qualities; as the richness of diet.

9. Abundance of high seasoning; as the richness of cake.

10. Strength; vividness; or whatever constitutes perfection; as the richness of color or coloring.

11. Abundance of imagery or of striking ideas; as richness of description.