KJV Dictionary Definition: rib


RIB, n. L. costa, signifies side, border, extremity.

1. A bone of animal bodies which forms a part of the frame of the thorax. The ribs in the human body are twelve on each side, proceeding from the spine to the sternum, or towards it, and serving to inclose and protect the heart and lungs.

2. In ship building, a piece of timber which forms or strengthens the side of a ship.

Ribs of a parrel, are short pieces of plank, having holes through which are reeved the two parts of the parrel-rope.

3. In botany, the continuation of the petiole along the middle of a leaf, and from which the veins take their rise.

4. In cloth, a prominent line or rising, like a rib.

5. Something long, thin and narrow; a strip.

RIB, v.t.

1. To furnish with ribs. In manufactures, to form with rising lines and channels; as, to rib cloth; whence we say, ribbed cloth.

2. To inclose with ribs.


RIB'BED, pp. or a.

1. Furnished with ribs; as ribbed with steel.

2. Inclosed as with ribs.

3. Marked or formed with rising lines and channels; as ribbed cloth.