KJV Dictionary Definition: potent


PO'TENT, a. L. potens. Powerful; physically strong; forcible; efficacious; as a potent medicine.

Moses once more his potent rod extends.

1. Powerful, in a moral sense; having great influence; as potent interest; a potent argument.

2. Having great authority, control or dominion; as a potent prince.

PO'TENT, n. A prince; a potentate. Not in use.

1. A walking staff or crutch. Not used.


PO'TENTATE, n. A person who possesses great power or sway; a prince; a sovereign; an emperor, king or monarch.

Exalting him not only above earthly princes and potentates, but above the highest of the celestial hierarchy.


PO'TENTLY, adv. Powerfully; with great force or energy.

You are potently opposed.


PO'TENTNESS, n. Powerfulness; strength; might. Little used.