KJV Dictionary Definition: pot


POT, n.

1. A vessel more deep than broad, made of earth, or iron or other metal, used for several domestic purposes; as an iron pot, for boiling meat or vegetables; a pot for holding liquors; a cup, as a pot of ale; an earthen pot for plants, called a flower pot, &c.

2. A sort of paper of small sized sheets.

To go to pot, to be destroyed, ruined, wasted or expended. A low phrase.

POT, v.t. To preserve seasoned in pots; as potted fowl and fish.

1. To inclose or cover in pots of earth.

2. To put in casks for draining; as, to pot sugar, by taking it from the cooler and placing it in hogsheads with perforated heads, from which the molasses percolates through the spongy stalk of a plantain leaf.


POT'TED, pp. Preserved or inclosed in a pot; drained in a cask.


POT'TING, n. form pot. Drinking; tippling.

1. In the W. Indies,the process of putting sugar in casks for draining.

POT'TING, ppr. Preserving in a pot; draining, as above; drinking.