KJV Dictionary Definition: lament


LAMENT', v.i. L. lamentor.

1. To mourn; to grieve; to weep or wail; to express sorrow.

Jeremiah lamented for Josiah. 2Chron. 35.

2. To regret deeply; to feel sorrow.

LAMENT', v.t. To bewail; to mourn for; to bemoan; to deplore.

One laughed at follies, one lamented crimes.

LAMENT', n. L. lamentum. Grief or sorrow expressed in complaints or cries; lamentation; a weeping.

Torment, and loud lament, and furious rage.

This noun is used chiefly or solely in poetry.


LAM'ENTABLE, a. L. lamentabilis.

1. To be lamented; deserving sorrow; as a lamentable declension of morals.

2. Mournful; adapted to awaken grief; as a lamentable tune.

3. Expressing sorrow; as lamentable cries.

4. Miserable; pitiful; low; poor; in a sense rather ludicrous. Little used.



1. Mournfully; with expressions or tokens of sorrow.

2. So as to cause sorrow.

3. Pitifully; despicably.


LAMENTA'TION, n. L. lamentatio.

1. Expression of sorrow; cries of grief; the act of bewailing.

In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation and weeping. Matt. 2.

2. In the plural, a book of Scripture, containing the lamentations of Jeremiah.


LAMENT'ED, pp. Bewailed; mourned for.


LAMENT'ER, n. One who mourns, or cries out with sorrow.


LAMENT'ING, ppr. Bewailing; mourning; weeping.

LAMENT'ING, n. A mourning; lamentation.