KJV Dictionary Definition: lame


LAME, a.

1. Crippled or disabled in a limb, or otherwise injured so as to be unsound and impaired in strength; as a lame arm or leg, or a person lame in one leg.

2. Imperfect; not satisfactory; as a lame excuse.

3. Hobbling; not smooth; as numbers in verse.

LAME, v.t. To make lame; to cripple or disable; to render imperfect and unsound; as, to lame an arm or a leg.


LA'MELY, adv. See Lame.

1. Like a cripple; with impaired strength; in a halting manner; as, to walk lamely.

2. Imperfectly; without a complete exhibition of parts; as a figure lamely drawn; a scene lamely described.

3. Weakly; poorly; unsteadily; feebly.



1. An impaired state of the body or limbs; loss of natural soundness and strength by a wound or by disease; particularly applied to the limbs, and implying a total or partial inability; as the lameness of the leg or arm.

2. Imperfection; weakness; as the lameness of an argument or of a description.