KJV Dictionary Definition: infirm


INFIRM, a. inferm'. L. infirmus; in and firmus.

1. Not firm or sound; weak; feeble; as an infirm body; an infirm constitution.

2. Weak of mind; irresolute; as infirm of purpose.

3. Not solid or stable.

He who fixes on false principles, treads on infirm ground.

INFIRM, v.t. inferm'. To weaken. Not used.


INFIRMITY, n. inferm'ity. L. infirmitas.

1. An unsound or unhealthy state of the body; weakness; feebleness. Old age is subject to infirmities.

2. Weakness of mind; failing; fault; foible.

A friend should bear a friend's infirmities.

3. Weakness of resolution.

4. Any particular disease; malady; applied rather to chronic, than to violent diseases.

5. Defect; imperfection; weakness; as the infirmities of a constitution of government.


INFIRMNESS, n. inferm'ness. Weakness; feebleness; unsoundness.