KJV Dictionary Definition: infinite


IN'FINITE, a. L. infinitus; in and finitus, terminated.

1. Without limits; unbounded; boundless; not circumscribed; applied to time, space and qualities. God is infinite in duration, having neither beginning nor end of existence. He is also infinite in presence, or omnipresent, and his perfections are infinite. We also speak of infinite space.

2. That will have no end. Thus angels and men, though they have had a beginning, will exist in infinite duration.

3. That has a beginning in space, but is infinitely extended; as, a line beginning at a point, but extended indefinitely, is an infinite line.

4. Infinite is used loosely and hyperbolically for indefinitely large, immense, of great size or extent.

Infinite canon, in music, a perpetual fugue.


IN'FINITELY, adv. Without bounds or limits.

1. Immensely; greatly; to a great extent or degree; as, I am infinitely obliged by your condescension.


IN'FINITENESS, n. Boundless extent of time, space or qualities; infinity.

1. Immensity; greatness.


INFIN'ITIVE, a. L. infinitivus.

In grammar, the infinitive mode expresses the action of the verb, without limitation of person or number; as, to love.