KJV Dictionary Definition: grave


GRAVE, a final syllable, is a grove.

GRAVE, v.t. pret. graved; pp. graven or graved. Gr. to write; originally all writing was graving; Eng. to scrape.

1. To carve or cut letters or figures on stone or other hard substance, with a chisel or edged tool; to engrave. The latter word is now more generally used.

Thou shalt take two onyx-stones and grave on them the names of the children of Israel. Ex.28.

2. To carve; to form or shape by cutting with a chisel; as, to grave an image.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. Ex.20.

3. To clean a ship's bottom by burning off filth, grass or other foreign matter, and paying it over with pitch.

4. To entomb. Unusual.

GRAVE, v.i. To carve; to write or delineate on hard substances; to practice engraving.

GRAVE, n. L. scrobs.

1. The ditch, pit or excavated place in which a dead human body is deposited; a place for the corpse of a human being; a sepulcher.

2. A tomb.

3. Any place where the dead are reposited; a place of great slaughter or mortality. Flanders was formerly the grave of English armies. Russia proved to be the grave of the French army under Bonaparte. The tropical climates are the grave of American seamen and of British soldiers.

4. Graves, in the plural, sediment of tallow melted. Not in use or local.


GRA'VED, pp. See the Verb. Carved; engraved; cleaned, as a ship.


GRA'VELY, adv. from grave. In a grave, solemn manner; soberly; seriously.

The queen of learning gravely smiles.

1. Without gaudiness or show; as, to be dressed gravely.


GRA'VENESS, n. Seriousness; solemnity; sobriety of behavior; gravity of manners or discourse.


GRA'VING, ppr. Engraving; carving; cutting figures on stone, copper or other hard substance.

GRA'VING, n. Carved work. 2 Chron.2.

1. Impression.