KJV Dictionary Definition: extinct


EXTINCT', a. L. extinctus. See Extinguish.

1. Extinguished; put out; quenched; as, fire, light or a lamp is extinct.

2. Being at an end; having no survivor; as, a family or race is extinct.

3. Being at an end; having ceased. The enmity between the families is extinct.

My days are extinct. Job.17.

4. Being at an end, by abolition or disuse; having no force; as, the law is extinct.


EXTINC'TION, n. L. extinctio. See Extinguish.

1. The act of putting out or destroying light or fire, by quenching, suffocation or otherwise.

2. The state of being extinguished, quenched or suffocated; as the extinction of fire or of a candle.

3. Destruction; excision; as the extinction of nations.

4. Destruction; suppression; a putting an end to; as the extinction of life, or of a family; the extinction of feuds, jealousies or enmity; the extinction of a claim.