KJV Dictionary Definition: extend


EXTEND', v.t. L. extendo; ex and tendo, teneo.

1. To stretch in any direction; to carry forward, or continue in length, as a line; to spread in breadth; to expand or dilate in size. The word is particularly applied to length and breadth. We extend lines in surveying; we extend roads, limits, bounds; we extend metal plates by hammering.

2. To stretch; to reach forth; as, to extend the arm of hand.

3. To spread; to expand; to enlarge; to widen; as, to extend the capacities, or intellectual powers; to extend the sphere of usefulness; to extend commerce.

4. To continue; to prolong; as, to extend the time of payment; to extend the season of trial.

5. To communicate; to bestow on; to use or exercise towards.

He hath extended mercy to me before the king. Ezra 7.

6. To impart; to yield or give.

I will extend peace to her like a river. Is.66.

7. In law, to value lands taken by a writ of extent in satisfaction of a debt; or to levy on lands, as an execution.

The execution was delivered to the sheriff, who extended the same on certain real estate.

EXTEND', v.i. To stretch; to reach; to be continued in length or breadth. The state of Massachusetts extends west to the border of the state of New York. Connecticut river extends from Canada to the sound. How far will your argument or proposition extend? Let our charities extend to the heathen.


EXTEND'ED, pp. Stretched; spread; expanded; enlarged; bestowed on; communicated; valued under a writ of extendi facias; levied.


EXTEND'ER, n. He or that which extends or stretches.


EXTEND'IBLE, a. Capable of being extended; that may be stretched, extended, enlarged, widened or expanded.

1. That may be taken by a writ of extent and valued.


EXTEND'ING, ppr. Stretching; reaching; continuing in length; spreading; enlarging; valuing.