KJV Dictionary Definition: expel


EXPEL', v.t. L. expello; ex and pello, to drive; from the L. participle.

1. To drive or force out from any inclosed place; as, to expel wind from the stomach, or air from a bellows. The word is applicable to any force, physical or moral.

2. To drive out; to force to leave; as, to expel the inhabitants of a country; to expel wild beasts from a forest.

3. To eject; to throw out.

4. To banish; to exile.

5. To reject; to refuse. Little used.

And would you not poor fellowship expel?

6. To exclude; to keep out or off.

7. In college government, to command to leave; to dissolve the connection of a student; to interdict him from further connection.


EXPEL'LABLE, a. That may be expelled or driven out.

Acid expellable by heat.


EXPEL'LED, ppr. Driven out or away; forced to leave; banished; exiled; excluded.


EXPEL'LER, n. He or that which drives out or away.


EXPEL'LING, ppr. Driving out; forcing away; compelling to quit or depart; banishing; excluding.