KJV Dictionary Definition: expediate


EXPE'DIATE, v.t. To expedite. Not in use.


EXPE'DIENCY, n. See Speed, Expedient and Expedite.

1. Fitness or suitableness to effect some good end or the purpose intended; propriety under the particular circumstances of a case. The practicability of a measure is often obvious, when the expedience of it is questionable.

2. Expedition; adventure. Not now used.

3. Expedition; haste; dispatch. Not now use.


EXPE'DIENT, a. L. expediens; expedio, to hasten; Eng. speed.

1. Literally, hastening; urging forward. Hence, tending to promote the object proposed; fit or suitable for the purpose; proper under the circumstances. Many things may be lawful, which are not expedient.

2. Useful; profitable.

3. Quick; expeditious. Not used.

EXPE'DIENT, n. That which serves to promote or advance; any means which may be employed to accomplish an end. Let every expedient be employed to effect an important object, nor let exertions cease till all expedients fail of producing the effect.

1. Shift; means devised or employed in an exigency.


EXPE'DIENTLY, adv. Fitly; suitably; conveniently.

1. Hastily; quickly.