KJV Dictionary Definition: estrange



1. To keep at a distance; to withdraw; to cease to frequent and be familiar with.

Had we estranged ourselves form them in things indifferent.

I thus estrange my person from her bed.

2. To alienate; to divert from its original use or possessor; to apply to a purpose foreign from its original or customary one.

They have estranged this place, and burnt incense in it to other gods. Jer.19.

3. To alienate, as the affections; to turn from kindness to indifference or malevolence.

I do not know, to this hour, what it is that has estranged him from me.

4. To withdraw; to withhold.

We must estrange our belief from what is not clearly evidenced.


ESTRANGED, pp. Withdrawn; withheld; alienated.


ESTRANGEMENT, n. Alienation; a keeping at a distance; removal; voluntary abstraction; as an estrangement of affection.

An estrangement of desires from better things.


ESTRANGING, ppr. Alienating; withdrawing; keeping at or removing to a distance.