KJV Dictionary Definition: estimable



1. That is capable of being estimated or valued; as estimable damage.

2. Valuable; worth a great price.

A pound of man's flesh, taken from a man,

Is not so estimable or profitable.

3. Worthy of esteem or respect; deserving our good opinion or regard.

A lady said of her two companions, that one was more amiable, the other more estimable.

ES'TIMABLE, n. That which is worthy of regard.


ES'TIMABLENESS, n. The quality of deserving esteem or regard.


ES'TIMATE, v.t. L. oestimo. See Esteem.

1. To judge and form an opinion of the value of; to rate by judgment or opinion, without weighing or measuring either value, degree, extent or quantity. We estimate the value of cloth by inspection, or the extend of a piece of land, or the distance of a mountain. We estimate the worth of a friend by his known qualities. We estimate the merits or talents of two different men by judgment. We estimate profits, loss and damage. Hence,

2. To compute; to calculate; to reckon.

ES'TIMATE, n. A valuing or rating in the mind; a judgment or opinion of the value, degree, extent or quantity of any thing, without ascertaining it. We form estimates of the expenses of a war, of the probable outfits of a voyage, of the comparative strength or merits of two men, of the extent of a kingdom or its population. Hence estimate may be equivalent to calculation, computation, without measuring or weighing.

1. Value.


ES'TIMATED, pp. Valued; rated in opinion or judgment.


ES'TIMATING, ppr. Valuing; rating; forming an opinion or judgment of the value, extent, quantity, or degree of worth of any object; calculating; computing.


ESTIMA'TION, n. L. oestimatio. The act of estimating.

1. Calculation; computation; an opinion or judgment of the worth, extent or quantity of any thing, formed without using precise data. We may differ in our estimations of distance, magnitude or amount, and no less in our estimation of moral qualities.

1. Esteem; regard; favorable opinion; honor.

I shall have estimation among the multitude, and honor with the elders.


ES'TIMATIVE, a. Having the power of comparing and adjusting the worth or preference. Little used.

1. Imaginative.


ES'TIMATOR, n. One who estimates or values.