KJV Dictionary Definition: enchant


ENCH`ANT, v.t. L. incanto; in and canto, to sing. See Chant and Cant.

1. To practice sorcery or witchcraft on any thing; to give efficacy to any thing by songs of sorcery, or fascination.

And now about the cauldron sing,

Like elves and fairies in a ring,

Enchanting all that you put in.

2. To subdue by charms or spells.

3. To delight to the highest degree; to charm; to ravish with pleasure; as,the description enchants me; we were enchanted with the music.


ENCH`ANTED, pp. Affected by sorcery; fascinated; subdued by charms; delighted beyond measure.

1. Inhabited or possessed by elves, witches, or other imaginary mischievous spirits; as an enchanted castle.


ENCH`ANTER, n. One who enchants; a sorcerer or magician; one who has spirits or demons at his command; one who practices enchantment, or pretends to perform surprising things by the agency of demons.

1. One who charms or delights.

Enchanter's nightshade, a genus of plants, the Circaea.


ENCH`ANTING, ppr. Affecting with sorcery, charms or spells.

1. Delighting highly; ravishing with delight; charming.

2. Charming; delighting; ravishing; as an enchanting voice; an enchanting face.

Simplicity in manners has an enchanting effect.


ENCH`ANTINGLY, adv. With the power of enchantment; in a manner to delight or charm; as, the lady sings enchantingly.


ENCH`ANTMENT, n. The act of producing certain wonderful effects by the invocation or aid of demons, or the agency of certain supposed spirits; the use of magic arts, spells or charms; incantation.

The magicians of Egypt did so with their enchantments. Ex.7.

1. Irresistible influence; overpowering influence of delight.

The warmth of fancy--which holds the heart of a reader under the strongest enchantment.