KJV Dictionary Definition: encamp


ENCAMP', v.i. from camp. To pitch tents or form huts, as an army; to halt on a march, spread tents and remain for a night or for a longer time, as an army or company.

They encamped in Etham. Ex.13.

The Levites shall encamp about the tabernacle. Num.1.

1. To pitch tents for the purpose of a siege; to besiege.

Encamp against the city and take it. 2 Sam. 7.


ENCAMP'ED, pp. Settled in tents or huts for lodging or temporary habitation.


ENCAMP'ING, ppr. Pitching tents or forming huts, for a temporary lodging or rest.


ENCAMP'MENT, n. The act of pitching tents or forming huts, as an army or traveling company, for temporary lodging or rest.

1. The place where an army or company is encamped; a camp; a regular order of tents or huts for the accommodation of an army or troop.