KJV Dictionary Definition: doubt


DOUBT, v.i. dout. L., G.

1. To waver or fluctuate in opinion; to hesitate; to be in suspense; to be in uncertainty; to be in suspense; to be in uncertainty, respecting the truth or fact; to be undetermined.

Even in matters divine, concerning some things, we may lawfully doubt and suspend our judgment.

So we say, I doubt whether it is proper; I doubt whether I shall go; sometimes with of, as we doubt of a fact.

2. To fear; to be apprehensive; to suspect.

I doubt theres deep resentment in his mind.

DOUBT, v.t. dout.

1. To question, or hold questionable; to withhold assent from; to hesitate to believe; as, I have heard the story, but I doubt the truth of it.

2. To fear; to suspect.

If they turn not back perverse; but that I doubt.

3. To distrust; to withhold confidence from; as, to doubt our ability to execute an office.

Tadmire superior sense, and doubt their own.

4. To fill with fear.

DOUBT, n. Dout.

1. A fluctuation of mind respecting truth or propriety, arising from defect of knowledge or evidence; uncertainty of mind; suspense; unsettled state of opinion; as, to have doubts respecting the theory of the tides.

Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces. Genesis 37.

2. Uncertainty of condition.

Thy life shall hang in doubt before thee. Deuteronomy 28.

3. Suspicion; fear; apprehension.

I stand in doubt of you. Galatians 4.

4. Difficulty objected.

To every doubt your answer is the same.

5. Dread; horror and danger.


DOUBTED, pp. Scrupled; questioned; not certain or settled.



1. Dubious; not settled in opinion; undetermined; wavering; hesitating; applied to persons; as, we are doubtful of a fact, or of the propriety of a measure.

2. Dubious; ambiguous; not clear in its meaning; as a doubtful expression.

3. Admitting of doubt; not obvious, clear or certain; questionable; not decided; as a doubtful case; a doubtful proposition; it is doubtful what will be the event of the war.

4. Of uncertain issue.

We have sustained one day in doubtful fight.

5. Not secure; suspicious; as, we cast a doubtful eye.

6. Not confident; not without fear; indicating doubt.

With doubtful feet, and wavering resolution.

7. Not certain or defined; as a doubtful hue.



1. A state of doubt of uncertainty of mind; dubiousness; suspense; instability of opinion.

2. Ambiguity; uncertainty of meaning.

3. Uncertainty of event or issue; uncertainty of condition.


DOUBTING, ppr. Wavering in mind; calling in question; hesitating.


DOUBTINGLY, adv. In a doubting manner; dubiously; without confidence.