KJV Dictionary Definition: double


DOUBLE, a. Dubl. L., Gr. See Two.

1. Two of a sort together; one corresponding to the other; being in pairs; as double chickens in the same egg; double leaves connected by one petiole.

2. Twice as much; containing the same quantity or length repeated.

Take double money in your hand. Genesis 53.

Let a double portion of thy spirit be on me. 2 Kings 2.

With to; as, the amount is double to what I expected.

3. Having one added to another; as a double chin.

4. Twofold; also, of two kinds.

Darkness and tempest make a double night.

5. Two in number; as double sight or sound. See No. 1.

6. Deceitful; acting two parts, one openly, the other in secret.

And with double heart do they speak. Psalm 12.

DOUBLE, adv. Dubl. Twice.

I was double their age.

DOUBLE, in composition, denotes, two ways, or twice the number or quantity.


DOUBLED, pp. Folded; increased by adding an equal quantity, sum or value; repeated; turned or passed round.



1. The state of being doubled.

2. Duplicity.


DOUBLING, ppr. Making twice the sum, number or quantity; repeating; passing round; turning to escape.

DOUBLING, n. The act of making double; also, a fold; a plait; also, an artifice; a shift.