KJV Dictionary Definition: confiscable


CONFISCABLE, a. See Confiscate. That may be confiscated; liable to forfeiture.


CONFISCATE, v.t. L., a basket, hamper or bag; hence, revenue or the Emperors treasure. To adjudge to be forfeited to the public treasury, as the goods or estate of a traitor or other criminal, by way of penalty; or to condemn private forfeited property to public use.

The estate of the rebels was seized and confiscated.

CONFISCATE, a. Forfeited and adjudged to the public treasury, as the goods of a criminal.


CONFISCATED, pp. Adjudged to the public treasury, as forfeited goods or estate.


CONFISCATING, ppr. Adjudging to the public use.


CONFISCATION, n. The act of condemning as forfeited, and adjudging to the public treasury; as the goods of a criminal who has committed a public offense. Ezra 7. 26.


CONFISCATOR, n. One who confiscates.