KJV Dictionary Definition: confirm


CONFIRM, v.t. L., to make firm. See Firm.

1. To make firm, or more firm; to add strength to; to strengthen; as, health is confirmed by exercise.

2. To fix more firmly; to settle or establish.

Confirming the souls of the disciples. Acts 14.

I confirm thee in the priesthood. Maccabees.

Confirm the crown to me and to mine heirs.

3. To make firm or certain; to give new assurance of truth or certainty; to put past doubt.

The testimony of Christ was confirmed in you. 1 Corinthians 1.

4. To fix; to radicate; as, the patient has a confirmed dropsy.

5. To strengthen; to ratify; as, to confirm an agreement, promise, covenant or title.

6. To make more firm; to strengthen; as, to confirm an opinion, a purpose or resolution.

7. To admit to the full privileges of a Christian, by the imposition of hands.


CONFIRMABLE, a. That may be confirmed, established or ratified; capable of being made more certain.



1. The act of confirming or establishing; a fixing, settling, establishing or making more certain or firm; establishment.

In the defense and confirmation of the gospel, ye are all partakers of my grace. Philippians 1.

2. The act of ratifying; as the confirmation of a promise, covenant, or stipulation.

3. The act of giving new strength; as the confirmation of health.

4. The act of giving new evidence; as the confirmation of opinion or report.

5. That which confirms; that which gives new strength or assurance; additional evidence; proof; convincing testimony; as, this fact or this argument is a confirmation of what was before alleged.

6. In law, an assurance of title, by the conveyance of an estate or right in esse, from one man to another, by which a voidable estate is made sure or unavoidable, or a particular estate is increased, or a possession made perfect.

7. In church affairs, the act of ratifying the election of an archbishop or bishop, by the king, or by persons of his appointment.

8. The act or ceremony of laying on of hands, in the admission of baptized person to the enjoyment of Christian privileges. The person to be confirmed brings his godfather and godmother, and takes upon himself the baptismal vows. This is practiced in the Greek, Roman, and Episcopal churches.


CONFIRMATIVE, a. Having the power of confirming; tending to establish.


CONFIRMATOR, n. He or that which confirms.



1. Made more firm; strengthened; established.

2. Admitted to the full privileges of the church.


CONFIRMER, n. He or that which confirms, establishes or ratifies; one that produces new evidence; an attester.


CONFIRMING, ppr. Making firm or more firm; strengthening; ratifying; giving additional evidence or proof; establishing.


CONFIRMINGLY, adv. In a manner to strengthen or make firm.