KJV Dictionary Definition: clean


CLEAN, a. In a general sense, free from extraneous matter, or whatever is injurious or offensive; hence its signification depends on the nature and qualities of the substances to which it is applied.

1. Free from dirt, or other foul matter; as clean water; a clean cup; a clean floor.

2. Free from weeds or stones; as clean land; a clean garden or field.

3. Free from knots or branches; as clean timber. In America, clear is generally used.

4. Free from moral impurity; innocent.

Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? Job 14. Acts 18.

5. Free from ceremonial defilement. Lev. 10; Numb. 19.

6. Free from guilt; sanctified; holy. John 13. Ps 51.

7. That might be eaten by the Hebrews. Gen. 7; Gen. 8.

8. That might be used. Luke 11.

9. Free from a foul disease; cured of leprosy. 2 Kings 5. Math. 8.

10. Dextrous; adroit; not bungling; free from awkwardness; as a clean feat; a clean boxer.

11. Free from infection; as a clean ship. A clean bill of health is a certificate that a ship is clean, or free from infection.

CLEAN, adv.

1. Quite; perfectly; wholly; entirely; fully; indicating separation or complete removal of every part. The people passed clean over Jordan. Josh. 3. Is his mercy clean gone forever? Ps. 77. This use of clean is not now elegant, and not used except in vulgar language.

2. Without miscarriage; dextrously.

Pope came off clean with Homer.

CLEAN, v.t. To remove all foreign matter from; to separate from any thing whatever is extraneous to it, or whatever is foul, noxious, or offensive, as dirt or filth from the hands, body or clothes, foul matter from a vessel, weeds, shrubs and stones from a meadow; to purify. Thus, a house is cleaned by sweeping and washing; a field is cleaned by plowing and hoeing.



1. Freedom from dirt, filth, and foreign matter; neatness.

2. Freedom from infection or a foul disease.

3. Exactness; purity; justness; correctness; used of language or style; as, cleanness of expression.

4. Purity; innocence.

In scripture, cleanness of hands denotes innocence. Cleanness of teeth denotes want of provisions. Amos 4:6.