KJV Dictionary Definition: candle



1. A long, but small cylindrical body of tallow, wax or spermaceti, formed on a wick composed of linen or cotton threads, twisted loosely; used for a portable light of domestic use.

2. A light.

3. A light; a luminary. In scripture, the candle of the Lord is the divine favor and blessing, Job 14. 3.; or the conscience or understanding. Prov. 20:27.

Excommunication by inch of candle, is when the offender is allowed time to repent, while a candle burns, and is then excommunicated.

Sale by inch of candle, is an auction in which persons are allowed to bid, only till a small piece of candle burns out.

Medicated candle, in medicine, a bougie.

Rush-candles are used in some countries; they are made of the pith of certain rushes, peeled except on one side, and dipped in grease.