KJV Dictionary Definition: cane


CANE, n.

1. In botany, this term is applied to several species of plants belonging to several species of plants belonging to different genera, such as Arundo, Calamus, Saccharum, &c. Among these is the bamboo of the East Indies, with a strong stem, which serves for pipes, poles, and walking sticks. The sugar cane, a native of Asia, Africa and America, furnishes the juice from which are made, sugar, melasses and spirit. See Sugar Cane.

2. A walking stick.

3. A long measure, in several countries of Europe; at Naples, the length is 7 feet 3 inches; in Thoulouse in France, 5 feet 8 inches; in Provence, &c., 6 feet 5 inches.

CANE, v.t. To beat with a cane or walking stick.


CANING, n. A beating with a stick or cane.