KJV Dictionary Definition: brim


BRIM, n.

1. The rim, lip or broadborder of any vessel or other thing; as the brim of a hat, or of a vessel.

2. The upper edge of a vessel, whether broad or not; as the brim of a cup or glass.

3. The top of any liquor; the edge or that next the border at the top.

The feet of the priests were dipped in the brim of the water. Josh.3.

4. The edge or brink of a fountain; the verge.

BRIM, a. Public; well known; celebrated. Not in use.

BRIM, v.t. To fill to the brim, upper edge, or top.


BRIM'FUL, a. brim and full. Full to the top; completely full; as a glass brimful; a heart brimful of tears.


BRIM'FULNESS, n. Fulness to the top. Not used.


BRIM'MING, a. Full to the top or brim; as a brimming pail.