KJV Dictionary Definition: blaze


BLAZE, n. Eng.to blush.

1. Flame; the stream of light and heat from any body when burning, proceeding from the combustion of inflammable gas.

2. Publication; wide diffusion of report. In this sense, we observe the radical sense of dilatation, as well as that of light.

3. A white spot on the forehead or face of a horse, descending nearly to the nose.

4. Light; expanded light; as the blaze of day.

5. Noise; agitation; tumult.

BLAZE, v.i. To flame; as, the fire blazes.

1. To send forth or show a bright and expanded light.

The third fair morn now blazed upon the main.

2. To be conspicuous.

BLAZE, v.t. To make public far and wide.

To blaze those virtues which the good would hide.

1. To blazon. Not used. See Blazon.

2. To set a white mark on a tree, by paring off a part of the bark.


BLA'ZED, pp. Published far and wide.


BLA'ZING, ppr. Flaming; publishing far and wide.

BLA'ZING, a. Emitting flame, or light; as a blazing star.