KJV Dictionary Definition: blast


BL'AST, v.t. Literally, to strike. To make to wither by some pernicious influence, as too much heat or moisture, or other destructive cause; or to check growth and prevent from coming to maturity and producing fruit; to blight, as trees or plants.

1. To affect with some sudden violence,plague, calamity, or destructive influence, which destroys or causes to fail; as, to blast pride or hopes. The figurative senses of this verb are taken from the blasting of plants, and all express the idea of checking growth, preventing maturity, impairing, injuring, destroying, or disappointing of the intended effect; as, to blast credit, or reputation; to blast designs.

2. To confound, or strike with force, by a loud blast or din.

3. To split rocks by an explosion of gun powder.

They did not stop to blast this ore.


BL'ASTED, pp. Affected by some cause that checks growth, injures, impairs, destroys, or renders abortive; split by an explosion of gunpowder.


BL'ASTING, ppr. Affecting by a blast; preventing from coming to maturity; frustrating; splitting by an explosion of gun powder.

BL'ASTING, n. A blast; destruction by a pernicious cause; explosion.