KJV Dictionary Definition: assemblance


ASSEM'BLANCE, n. Representation; an assembling. Not in use.


ASSEM'BLE, v.t. L. simul.

To collect a number of individuals or particulars into one place, or body; to bring or call togethe; to convene; to congregate.

ASSEM'BLE, v.i. To meet or come together; to convene, as a number of individuals.


ASSEM'BLED, pp. collected into a body; congregated.


ASSEM'BLER, n. One who assembles.


ASSEM'BLING, ppr. Coming together; collecting into one place.

ASSEM'BLING, n. A collection or meeting together. Heb. 10.



1. A company or collection of individuals, in the same place; usually for the same purpose.

2. A congregation or religious society convened.

3. In some of the United States, the legislature, consisting of different houses or branches, whether in session or not. In some states, the popular branch or House of Representatives is denominated an assembly. See the constitutions of the several states.

4. a collection of persons for amusement; as a dancing assembly.

5. A convocation, convention or council of ministers and ruling elders delegated from each presbytery; as the General Assembly of Scotland or of the United States.

6. In armies, the second beating of the drum before a march, when the soldiers strike their tents.

7. An assemblage. Not in use.