KJV Dictionary Definition: apparel


APPAR'EL, n. L. paro, apparo, to prepare; Heb. bara

1. Clothing; vesture; garments; dress.

2. External habiliments or decorations; appearance; as, religion appears in the natural apparel of simplicity.

Glorious in apparel. Is. 63.

3. The furniture of a ship, as sails, rigging, anchors, &c.

APPAR'EL, v.t.

1. To dress or clothe.

They who are gorgeously appareled are in kings court.

Luke 7.

2. To adorn with dress.

She did apparel her apparel.

3. To dress with external ornaments; to cover with something ornamental; to cover, as with garments; as, trees appareled with flowers; or a garden with verdure.

4. To furnish with external apparatus; as ships appareled for sea.


APPAR'ELED, pp. Dressed; clothed; covered as with dress; furnished.


APPAR'ELING, ppr. Dressing; clothing; covering as with dress; furnishing.