KJV Dictionary Definition: adorn


ADORN', v.t. L. adorno, ad and orno, to deck, or beautify, to dress, set off, extol, furnish.

1. To deck or decorate; to make beautiful; to add to beauty by dress; to deck with external ornaments.

A bride adorneth, herself with jewels. Isa. 6.

To set off to advantage; to add ornaments to; to embellish by any thing external or adventitious; as, to adorn a speech by appropriate action, sentiments with elegance of language, or a gallery with pictures.

3. To make pleasing, or more pleasing; as, great abilities adorned by virtue or affability.

4. To display the beauty or excellence of; as, to adorn the doctrine of God. Titus 2.

ADORN', n. Ornament. Obs.

ADORN', a. Adorned; decorated. Obs.


ADORN'ED, pp. Decked; decorated; embellished.


ADORN'ING, ppr. Ornamenting; decorating; displaying beauty.

ADORN'ING, n. Ornament; decoration. 1Peter 3.