Where was the Bible before 1611?

Answer below. A question to ask critics would be, where was the Bible before modern scholarship?

The following is from Sam Gipp's The Answer Book.

QUESTION: Where was the Bible before 1611?

ANSWER: In the available Antiochian manuscripts.

EXPLANATION: Critics of the perfect Bible like to throw out this question as though it will "stun" Bible believers. It doesn't.

The overwhelming majority of Bible manuscripts in existence throughout history have been the text found in Antioch. They have always been available in some form, either in copies of the original Greek, or the old Latin of 150 A.D. (NOT to be confused with Jerome's corrupt "Vulgate") or the Syrian Peshetto of 157 A.D.

That it would be difficult indeed to gather all of these sources together and place them in the hands of the common man gives credence to God's reasoning for the collation and translation of the King James Bible.