Video: My new favorite Bible, from CBP.

I don’t really mean to be a “Bible review guy.” There are plenty of those on YouTube already. But I have my new favorite Bible and I just can’t help but share it with you.

Church Bible Publishers (not to be confused with Local Church Bible Publishers) is really doing a great job coming out with high-quality King James Bibles. And when I learned that they were printing my favorite text block, the Cambridge Cameo, I had to get my hands on one.

I liked it so much I ended up using their “build a Bible” system to get one with a full-yapp goatskin cover and custom ribbons. I expect this will hold me for many years to come!

And so nobody has to ask: CBP did not send me these for review. I purchased them.

16 thoughts on “Video: My new favorite Bible, from CBP.”

  1. Great review! They are defiantly made better than LCBP since LCBP went with a different printer.

    1. when did LCBP switch printers? I’ve purchased around 4 Bibles from them which are all excellent, but that was like 6 years ago.

  2. Thanks once again for a great video. Always look forward to your emails. God bless you. Praying for you and your ministry.

  3. Good job…[bout time] can’t wait for next one of course but very much appreciate these Bible reviews. My old Bible has stars after some of the O.T. verses for “a prophetic reference to Christ” and wonder if some publishers still do that? Keep up your strength in the LORD and GOD bless. ~ esn.

    1. In the case of the Cameo reviewed here, there are cross-references to NT verses like that, but no special markup. I haven’t personally seen a printing like that.

  4. I remember years back in a denominational bookstore, seeing a “loose-leaf” Bible in a 3-ring binder (what we used to call a notebook.) I was told it was for adding your own notes between the pages, but it sure would be handy for taking out the portions of Scripture you didn’t like! Ha!

  5. Hello,

    Thoughts on Trinitarian Bible Society King James Version versus United Bible Society King James Version.

    Thank you.

    1. The Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) KJV is definitely the real deal as they are printing the very same KJV text as the Cambridge University Press ones. Not sure about the UBS one but TBS is a faithful Protestant bible society worth supporting.

  6. Hi,
    Thank you so much for your ministry and informative site. As testimony, I was delivered out of modern versions shortly after becoming a Christian and even publishers that make KJV’s but change the words, and the confusion of this all with much prayer. The Lord was and is gracious, faithful and merciful to me, and our family leading us to the Holy KJV made by ministries, and our family out of a church membership hostile to us and the KJV Bible and evidence I showed them. They refused to put the KJV on their website along with their modern versions as I kindly requested for people to have an alternative and they ignored me as a member of their church! The was such hostility there that was pretty horrible! I pray for them and choose to be like Jesus to forgive but the Word of God matters for lost and thirsty souls! The Lord led me to the Authorized KJV Holy Bible, to LCP, and TBS then CBP that you mentioned on your video. I felt so blessed! You mentioned the lower case s in 1 John5:8 in the CBP Cambridge Cameo, which are beautiful Bibles. The LCP Bibles that we have use the Capital S for Spirit in the same verse as well as my TBS Westminster reference kJV, KJV study Bible with 1917 Old Scofield notes, and the AV 1611 uses the Capital S for Spirit.
    I noticed on the CBP website someone commented about the small s being in his new Bible he purchased for his wife and believed this this to be a typo that should be corrected.
    I hesitated from buying a CBP Bible for this reason. The Bearing Precious Seed KJV Bibles use the lower case s, which is part of the LCP ministry.
    So with all this said, shouldn’t, this verse be standardized in what it should be for the integrity and purity of the text for believers and recipients of God’s amazing grace. The matter is to know in our English language to what Spirit is addressed here? There are no capitals in Hebrew or Greek but we need to know what is correct for the Trinity doctrine, as this doctrine, along with the deity of Christ the Son is already maligned in other modern versions and it should be standardized to uphold the Third Person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who is “anothet Comforter “ Jesus promised the Father would give us along with the Spirit of Christ Jesus the Son the second Person of the Godhead. The Holy Ghost is the regenerative Person of God, our Advocate along with our risen Lord Jesus Christ at the right hand of the Father as our intercessor, as we don’t always know what to pray for and comforts us in our trials. Hallelujah! God is so awesome! We are not our own savior and quickened by His Spirit as His children. We can’t make our hair black or white! How He loved us and went all out at the Cross at Calvary. It is the Spirit of Truth who is the witness of the shed blood of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ to save us and purify our hearts and comes to resides in us then the witness of the Spirit of God in the earth as we received the Spirit of Christ the Son, who is our life and power of the Holy Ghost to salvation! The previous verses and verses following 1 John 5:7-8 answer who is the Spirit of truth. He is the witness that is greater, than man’s witness of salvation of the redeemed person of the Lord. I see how the scripture interprets scripture here. I believe the AV1611 translators got this right with the Capital S for Spirit. I do respect different views and not looking for arguments on this, however this troubles me that this verse is not standardized by these wonderful ministries serving the Lord who I support am grateful for and pray for, making these beautiful Bibles for God’s people at relatively low cost and relying on live gifts, as the Word of God which is the Sword of the Spirit! All love, praise, thanks and glory to the Lord our God!
    Thank you all for your faithfulness!

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