KJV Dictionary Definition: worthiness



1. Desert; merit.

The prayers which our Savior made, were for his own worthiness accepted.

2. Excellence; dignity; virtue.

Who is sure he hath a soul, unless it see and judge and follow worthiness?

3. Worth; quality or state of deserving.



1. Deserving; such as merits; having worth or excellence; equivalent; with of, before the thing deserved. She has married a man worthy of her.

Thou art worthy of the sway.

I am not worthy of the least of all the mercies--Genesis 32.

2. Possessing worth or excellence of qualities; virtuous; estimable; as a worthy citizen; a worthy magistrate.

Happier thou mayst be, worthier canst not be.

This worthy mind should worthy things embrace.

3. Suitable; having qualities suited to; either in a good or bad sense; equal in value; as flowers worthy of paradise.

4. Suitable to any thing bad.

The merciless Macdonald, worthy to be a rebel.

5. Deserving of ill; as things worthy of stripes. Luke 12.

WORTHY, n. A man of eminent worth; a man distinguished for useful and estimable qualities; a man of valor; a word much used in the plural; as the worthies of the church; political worthies; military worthies.

WORTHY, v.t. To render worthy; to exalt. Not in use.