KJV Dictionary Definition: white


WHITE, a. G.

1. Being in the color of pure snow; snowy; not dark; as white paper; a white skin.

2. Pale; destitute of color in the cheeks, or of the tinge of blood color; as white with fear.

3. Having the color of purity; pure; clean; free from spot; as white robed innocence.

4. Gray; as white hair; a venerable man, white with age.

5. Pure; unblemished.

No whiter page than Addisons remains.

6. In a scriptural sense, purified from sin; sanctified. Psalm 51.


WHITED, pp. Made white; whitened.


WHITELY, adv. Coming near to white. Not used.



1. The state of being white; white color, or freedom from any darkness or obscurity on the surface.

2. Paleness; want of a sanguineous tinge in the face.

3. Purity; cleanness; freedom from stain or blemish.


WHITES, n. The fluor albus, a disease of females.


WHITING, n. from white.

1. A small sea fish, the Asellus mollis or albus, a species of Gadus.

2. The same as Spanish white, which see.