KJV Dictionary Definition: weed


WEED, n.

1. The general name of any plant that is useless or noxious. The word therefore has no definite application to any particular plant or species of plants; but whatever plants grow among corn, grass, or in hedges, and which are either of no use to man or injurious to crops, are denominated weeds.

2. Any kind of unprofitable substance among ores in mines, as mundic or marcasite.

WEED, n.

1. Properly, a garment, as in Spenser, but now used only in the plural, weeds, for the mourning apparel of a female; as a widows weeds.

2. An upper garment.

WEED, v.t.

1. To free from noxious plants; as, to weed corn or onions; to weed a garden.

2. To take away, as noxious plants; as, to weed a writing of invectives.

3. To free from any thing hurtful or offensive; as, to weed a kingdom of bad subjects.

4. To root out vice; as, to weed the hearts of the young.


WEEDED, pp. Freed from weeds or whatever is noxious.


WEEDING, ppr. Freeing from weeds or whatever is noxious to growth.

WEEDING, n. The operation of freeing from noxious weeds, as a crop.