KJV Dictionary Definition: web


WEB, n. See Weave.

1. Texture of threads; plexus; any thing woven. Penelope devised a web to deceive her wooers.

2. Locally, a piece of linen cloth.

3. A dusky film that forms over the eye and hinders the sight; suffusion.

4. Some part of a sword. Qu. Net-work of the handle or hilt.

5. In ship-building, the thin partition on the inside of the rim, and between the spokes of a sheave.

6. In ornithology, the membrane which unites the toes of many water-fowls.

Spiders web, a plexus of very delicate threads or filaments which a spider spins from its bowels, and which serves as a net to catch flies or other insects for its food.

Web of a coulter, is the thin sharp part.


WEBBED, a. from web. Having the toes united by a membrane, or web; as the webbed feet of aquatic fowls.