KJV Dictionary Definition: way


WAY, n. G., L.

1. Literally, a passing; hence, a passage; the place of passing; hence, a road of any kind; a highway; a private road; a lane; a street; any place for the passing of men; cattle or other animals; a word of very comprehensive signification.

2. Length of space; as a great way; a little way.

3. Course; direction of motion or travel. What way did he take? Which way shall I go? Keep in the way of truth and knowledge.

Mark what way I make.

4. Passage; room for passing. Make way for the jury.

5. Course, or regular course.

And let eternal justice take the way.

6. Tendency to any meaning or act.

There is nothing in the words that sounds that way.

7. Sphere of observation.

The general officers and the public ministers that fell in my way--

8. Manner of doing any thing; method; means of doing. Seek the best way of learning, and pursue it.

By noble ways we conquest will prepare.

9. Method; scheme of management.

What impious ways my wishes took.

10. Manner of thinking or behavior; particular turn of opinion; determination or humor. Let him have his way, when that will not injure him, or any other person. But multitudes of children are ruined by being permitted to have their way.

11. Manner; mode. In no way does this matter belong to me. We admire a persons way of expressing his ideas.

12. Method; manner of practice. Find, if you can, the easiest way to live.

Having lost the way of nobleness.

13. Method or plan of life and conduct. Instruct your children in the right way.

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. Proverbs 3.

All flesh had corrupted his way. Genesis 6.

14. Course; process of things, good or bad. Things are in a prosperous way.

15. Right method to act or know.

We are quite out of the way.

16. General scheme of acting.

Men who go out of the way to hint free things, must be guilty of absurdity or rudeness.

17. Ways, plu. the timbers on which a ship is launched.

To make way, to give room for passing; or to make a vacancy.

To give way, to recede; to make room; or to yield; to concede the place or opinion to another.

To make ones way, to advance in life by efforts; to advance successfully.

By the way, en passant, as we proceed; a phrase introducing something in discourse, not immediately connected with the subject.

To go ones way, or to come ones way, to go or come along.

To go the way of all the earth, to die.

In the way, a phrase noting obstruction. What is there in the way of your success?

In Scripture, the ways of God, are his providential government, or his works. Romans 11. Job 11.

Way and ways are used in certain phrases, in the sense of wise. He is no ways a match for his antagonist.

Tis no way the interest even of the priesthood.

To be under way, in seamens language, to be in motion, as when a ship begins to move. So a ship is said to have head-way, when she moves forward in her course, and stern-way, when she is driven astern. She is said also to gather way, or to lose way. Lee-way is a movement of a ship aside of her course, or to the leeward.

Milky way, in astronomy, the galaxy; a broad luminous belt or space in the heavens, supposed to be occasioned by the blended light of an immense number of stars. By means of a telescope of uncommon magnifying powers, Dr. Herschel has been able to ascertain this fact, by distinguishing the stars.

Covert way, in fortification, a passage covered from the enemys fire.

Ways and means, in legislation, means for raising money; resources for revenue.

Way-going crop, among farmers, is the crop which is taken from the ground the year the tenant leaves the farm. England.