KJV Dictionary Definition: wall


WALL, n. L., stake, post, probably originally a fence of stakes, a palisade or stockade; the first rude fortification of uncivilized men.

1. A work or structure of stone, brick or other materials, raised to some highth, and intended for a defense or security. Walls of stone, with or without cement, are much used in America for fences on farms; walls are laid as the foundations of houses and the security of cellars. Walls of stone or brick form the exterior of buildings, and they are often raised round cities and forts as a defense against enemies.

2. Walls, in the plural, is used for fortifications in general; works for defense.

I rush undaunted to defend the walls.

3. A defense; means of security or protection. 1 Samuel 25.

To take the wall, to take the upper or most honorable place.

I will take the wall of any man or maid of Montagues.


WALLED, pp. Inclosed or fortified with a wall.


WALLING, ppr. Inclosing or fortifying with a wall.

WALLING, n. Walls in general; materials for walls.