KJV Dictionary Definition: virgin


VIR'GIN, n. nearly vur'gin. L. virgo.

1. A woman who has had no carnal knowledge of man.

2. A woman not a mother. Unusual.

3. The sign Virgo. See Virgo.


1. Pure; untouched; as virgin gold.

2. Fresh; new; unused; as virgin soil.

VIR'GIN, v.i. To play the virgin; a cant word.


VIR'GINAL, a. Pertaining to a virgin; maidenly; as virginal chastity.

VIR'GINAL, n. A keyed instrument of one string, jack and quill to each note, like a spinet, but in shape resembling the forte piano; out of use.

VIR'GINAL, v.i. To pat; to strike as on a virginal A cant word.


VIRGIN'ITY, n. L. virginitas. Maidenhood; the state of having had no carnal knowledge of man.