KJV Dictionary Definition: vermilion


VERMILION, a. vermil'yon. L. vermiculus, vermes; a name sometimes improperly given to the kermes. See Crimson.

1. The cochineal, a small insect found on a particular plant. Improper or obsolete.

2. Red sulphuret of mercury; a bright, beautiful red color of two sorts, natural and artificial. The natural is found in silver mines, in the form of a ruddy sand, which is to be prepared by purification or washing, and then levigated with water on a stone. The factitious or common vermilion is made of artificial cinnabar, ground with white wine, and afterwards with the white of an egg.

3. Any beautiful red color. In blushing, the delicate cheek is covered with vermilion.

VERMILION, v.t. vermil'yon. To dye red; to cover with a delicate red.


VERMIL'IONED, pp. or a. Dyed or tinged with a bright red.